What We Do

About Us


Created in 2012, we are a group of LoL enthusiasts who wish to bring about a change in our very toxic community. 

The Games We Play


Between League, Destiny 2, and etc.

Looking to the Future


Come help us be the change in the community



Be positive and helpful!

We will not tolerate negativity to others,

Be Respectful and courteous

There is no reason for anything else

No Racism or discrimination

This will result in a band from DWAI

No Harassment of any kind

We will not tolerate it at all.

No Hardcore Trolling

when were all together, and trolling together to get some laughs, like all ADC champions or something like ultimate bravery it's fine, but nothing like "if i don't get this particular role I'm afk." 

Have fun!

These are games! There's no point to play them if you're not having fun!